Hi, I'm Trent. I do most of our video editing. I'm also the one who made our website. (hopefully it's not broken)

I'm Landon. I film and handle our finances. I'll also be keeping in touch with you if you send us a message or fill out our form.

Our Short Story

In the 9th grade one of our friends got a camera for Christmas. Being that we were the funniest guys in our class at school, we decided we'd start making funny videos. By following the guidelines of a film instructor at school, our videos always came out decent. At least our friends thought so.

In the 11th grade, Landon's sister suggested to us that we film weddings, since she had a few friends who were engaged and without a videographer. We decided this would be a good use of our skills and got to work. The world of weddings was new to us, but we adapted quickly. It's been four years now and we're proud of the quality of work we can provide to each of the couples we've worked with.